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Precise Sports

Precise Champion Elegant - 20mm

Precise Champion Elegant - 20mm

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PRECISE Champion Elegant (20mm) is among top of the line champion carrom board available in the market. The quality of this carrom board is of a championship level. The Super thick Birchwood ply sheet on this board will guarantee a lifetime of durability of this board. 

Technical Specs:

- Overall size: 35 Inches
- Playing area size: 29 X 29 Inches
- Border size: 3 Inches
- Ply type: English Birchwood
- Ply thickness: 20 Millimeters Strong hand knitted wool net
- Plastic feet keep board elevated off of the ground when not in use.
- Each board comes with 2 strikers and a set of coins (carrommen).

  • “Black Ash Sports” is the one and only authorized re-seller in North America
  • Elegant class of quality means top playing surface is of original Birch A grade plywood without any joints and marks of playing surface.
  • Precise elegant model is the first carrom board selected for use outside India for international tournaments
  • Our most trusted and preferred model for tournaments / clubs / schools and colleges / Societies / Offices / Recreations centers / Homes / Players etc.
  • The preferred choice of tournament players worldwide, first time used in XXIII Junior national and interstate carrom championship 1995, first carrom world cup in the UK, and many senior level national and international tournaments of All India Carrom Federation, New Delhi and International Carom Federation, UK.
  • Known for the superior super satin smooth tournament playing surface, the consistent and reliable quality that can last for Generations i.e. life expectancy is such that more than one generation can play on a single precise elegant carrom board.
  • Approved by All India Carrom Federation and International Carrom Federation.
  • Used in: India's First Carrom Used outside India in International Tournament

** other carrom accessories like stands and powders are sold separately

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